Life Update

Hey there you guys, I really wish I could post more like I used to when I first created a blog.. but hey.. life seems to get in the way sometimes.

I hope everyone is doing great, I love that I keep getting new followers even though I┬ádon’t write a blog daily! Thank you guys and I hope one day my follower base will go up to 100. That is my goal at the moment!

Anyways, so I am currently still taking my 90 hour class to become a real estate agent. I am like 70 percent of the way done with it! Thank god!

So I have been looking for a broker to go under once I do get my license after I take the big exam but everything is getting in the way of the interview process because my car just keeps breaking down all the damn time. :/

Anyone in real estate that has a blog? Let me know in the comments!!!



I have some news! :)

Hey there you guys, I know it has been at least two weeks since I have made a post but things have been kinda crazy in my life but i do plan on posting more regular xD

Any who, my news is that i have started this new journey in my life in becoming a real estate agent.

I am super excited, I am currently just taking the classes I need so that I can take the state exam once I get this certification. I bought the cheap online class so I only have 30 days to complete a lot of assignments like tests and practice work, I also gotta make at least a 70 on them which so far I have made grades in the 80’s.

As for being Vegetarian… don’t be upset with me but since my life has been so messed up the past 2 weeks I have stopped being Vegetarian. I do plan on getting back to it but it just has to be put on hold until I can afford to eat as healthy as I want too!

That is all about me for now! Have a great day everyone!