Vegetarian Update 2.0

Well hello there lovely people!! 🙂

I am 19 days in to being a vegetarian and it is still feeling great. I can honestly say I think I made it past the hard parts. GUESS WHAT?! I beat my previous try at being vegetarian (only 2 weeks before I caved) I am 2 days away from my 3 week mark!

I couldn’t be happier with where it is going.


Maybe I could be happier.. although I have been vegetarian I still haven’t been eating healthy foods!! I need to start eating so much healthier so I can lose some weight and look a lot different than I am. I can say I am totally unhappy with the way I look and I will not stop until it changes. I am 21 and only getting older so it is definitely time I do something about it.

I heard that women who change their diet to Vegan/Vegetarian have had successful hormonal changes and I am really hoping I will be one of those ladies.

Thanks for reading!!




My Story: Overcoming Head lice.

Hello there wonderful people, yes i will indeed be talking about head lice in this post. It is disgusting but i would like someone to find this post useful. I have seen other people talk about it on different blogs and stuff but this is my story

Currently i am 21 years old. I have been lice free going on a decade now. (10yrs in case you didn’t know)

I have had head lice since i could even remember, mine was a very bad case. I would always get sent home from school and i would have to sit hours and hours at a time hoping by the time this was over that i would be completely free of it for good. Ha, no that wasn’t the case. It went on and on for years.

We would get rid of it for a little amount of time but it would always come back. Honestly i am not sure how i kept getting it.

We did the head lice treatment and sitting there combing for hours and hours thinking “oh Yeah it will be gone this time.” Nope.

We even gotten the medical lice treatment and thought it was gone. Still came back though.

I cried and cried every time we had to do this.

(I would like yall to realize my head was really really bad. One of the times mine was so bad that if i just leaned over the bath tub they would fall out. Crazy ridiculous bad. I was only 9 at The time and i was completely miserable.)

Anywho, fast foward to around age 13 i finally got my lice cure.

I didn’t have to shave my hair off. I didn’t have to cut it at all as a matter of fact.

Your main goal is to make sure you get all of the lice and nits out. EVERY SINGLE TINY ASS ONE. Sit There until it is done. You clean tbose blankets and whatever else that needs to be cleaned when it is all over.

Not many parents will want to do what i did. BUT don’t think about yourself, think about how miserable she is. Guys can always shave but us ladies, no.

My secret was to dye my hair. After all the lice and nits were out i dyed my hair. First it was brown so i decided to change it to black instead of having it my normal color. However, if you are okay with dying their hair you can always dye it their original or kinda original color.

Seriously though that was my only miracle. Since then i have been lice free almost a decade.

The thing is that the lice like whatever it is about your hair, dying it changes the chemicals in your hair and make it where lice dont wanna stay there.

That is my secret and i truly hope somone is helped by this.

Have a wonderful night/day.