Taking 2018 by the horns.

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YES, I SAID IT. I am going to take 2018 by the damn horns and start doing my dream job. Obviously by starting college in Jan. so I can be a teacher.

Yes. A Teacher.

An Elementary Teacher at that.

I love kids. Always have. This is the perfect opportunity, not only to work with children, but be a part of their lives that they will take with forever as they learn and grow into their own people. I will be apart of their success, and it will be my honor to be able to help them and watch them grow.

Also, it is the perfect job to be around my future child(ren) if only for a few years.

To have Summer off with my family will be amazing as well.

I get the pay isn’t the best, but as long as i can take care of my family and be with them as much as possible while paying my bills. I will take it.

My degree is what will make the rest of my life.

Now let’s take 2018 by the horns and all become the success’s we have always dreamed of!!

God Bless.



Speak Out. Do NOT stay Silent.

via Daily Prompt: Silent

In today’s society, women feel like they can’t speak out. They are silent when they need to talk and speak UP. Women feel like they have to deal with the emotional and or physical abuse they are or have been going through because if they don’t then they won’t be believed.

I find it crazy that they think this way. The only way to be heard is to speak. I’m not sure when this society had come to women feeling belittled enough not to want to be heard.

I will use this for instance, there was allegations against Danny Masterson that he had apparently raped at least two women (might have been three but can’t remember) back in the 90’s.

They felt like they were so alone that it prompted them to keep their mouth shut because the Church of Scientology. What could that church possibly do to hurt them that much that their feelings and life just didn’t seem to matter enough?

But all of that aside, my main point is that if you are in trouble or you have gone through something so traumatic that you want to be heard, then speak up and let yourself be heard. Even on subjects you are very passionate about, let your points and feelings be heard. Scream it to the world if that is what makes you get it all out!!! 😀



Sidenote: I’m not 100 % convinced that the allegations against Danny are true, I just wanted to kind of use that as an example of women keeping silent.


God Bless.



My crazy topic everyone has an opinion about: Abortion. :(

Hello there lovely bloggers, yes, I will be taking my firm stance on this topic in this blog. Feel free to leave any comments you would like. 😉

In my honest opinion: Ladies, if you spread your legs, you should be a woman enough to take care of that human being that is inside you. Being a soulless bitch and murdering a baby because you do not want to take care of it is fucking disgusting and shows how fucked up the human race can me.

How in the hell is it legal for abortion when if you murder someone you will go to jail for it? Abortion is murder. You just killed a baby. A baby that has a heart beat. Did you know that when you have an abortion that baby feels the pain when you are killing it?

How can you be okay with it?

The way I see it is people shouldn’t be having sex at a young age to have to worry about not being able to support a baby. If you have sex you always have that chance that you will get pregnant. It doesn’t matter if you used all the protection in the world (birth control and a condom) you could still get pregnant. You could be that .00001 person that no matter how much you tried to protect yourself from pregnancy that it just gets you anyways.

Why can’t you just give it up for adoption? Oh wait, you were to much of a bitch to carry it to term because you didn’t want pregnancy to mess up your figure. Pathetic. You think it is okay to murder someone just because you don’t want to carry a living being in your body so that it might have just a chance to have a better life then you would give it?

So so so many families would love to adopt your baby. Some ladies can’t have babies for whatever reason and you could be giving them a chance to become parents. Your baby could live and be in caring hands instead of murdered.. doesn’t that sound okay to you? No?

If you abort your first baby, you don’t do deserve a 2nd or a 3rd. Yeah, that baby got in lucky because you weren’t “ready” yet and you would rather kill them. How harsh can someone be?

Now on to something a little understanding… rape. If someone get’s raped and ends up pregnant, in my honest opinion… It still deserves a chance at life. It wasn’t his/her fault that it was created.. and no it wasn’t the woman’s mistake either. Rape happens… a lot more than we know and it is a sad and painful thing to go through.

If rape is the case, and the woman just couldn’t bare to have this baby… and it hurt her and emotionally scarred her… it is definitely a reasonable reason for this sad thing of abortion. 😦 As much as I hate saying that abortion is even a little okay just kills me. 😦

I just want everyone who has ever been through that to know that I am sorry something like that happened to you. No one deserves to go through it and be emotionally damaged.. 😦

Well, I guess that is all I have to say about this. #Prolife



Anyone want to be pen pals?!

Hello there, this will be a short little post. I was just curious to know if anyone wanted to be a pen pal… via email of course. If you do just send me an email with the title being “WordPress pen pal request” and of course I will get back to you as soon as I see it.

Ravishingangel1996@gmail.com       is my email that I will be using. ❤ Don’t worry, I won’t bite. Also, if you do not know what to talk about for your first email then just tell me a few things about yourself and (if you want too) let me know what country you are from. I love getting to know people from around the world.

Please though, do not send me any spam/junk mail.

I am looking forward to getting to know you! ❤



Dear Me…

Dear RW,

Hey, it is currently November 15th, 2017. I am writing to you so you will have this to look back on in a year from now.. or even 2 years.. or three.. who knows? Maybe your life will be different than it is right now.

I am 21 and will be going back to college to become a teacher in January. I am really excited about it and I hope we succeed. Definitely work your ass off because this might be your last chance to get a degree!! You need to become something with your life.

Yeah we might be thinking about doing real estate but you gotta know that RE isn’t always a for sure thing when it comes to making money. Your sister is currently pregnant with our niece/nephew. At this moment the gender isn’t known. Ava is growing up so much.. can’t believe she is already 6 months old and will be 7 months in less than 2 weeks.

My love and I are still going strong. You know the struggle we are going through right now and all I can say is I hope we got what we wanted by the time you go back and read this. ❤ Maybe even marriage? 😉

I hope we see a brighter future. Good luck in life and maybe in a year or two you will give an update on how things are? At least think about making a post! ❤ ❤



Hello there everyone! I know it has been quite awhile since I last posted, but I am back! ❤ Thank you for continuing to follow me!

Anywho, down to the whole reason behind this post, I am on my way to become an  Early Childhood Elementary Teacher. 🙂 My official start date shall be January 16th and I am completely excited.

As I go in this journey I will for sure be able to make time to bring you along with me! I know there aren’t too many college bloggers… at least I haven’t seem them in teaching. If there are I would love to speak to people in this profession or that are also in college for this as well.

Also, if you have Twitter follow me @brittany12347 and I will return the follow. I really hope to build more followers on Twitter and WordPress over time!

Are any of yall in college? If so, what are yall going for? How Is the college experience?

My college experience in the past….

I don’t think anyone knows this but I have already went to college to study Psychology but it just didn’t work out. Which is also why I decided to change my major to teaching. I adore kids, always have so why not get a degree in something I love?

A lot of the classes I had took for Psych just didn’t ever interest me and I also didn’t go to school as often as I should have. I know my failure had been my own fault but this time it will be different. I promise. ❤


Hoping to go somewhere in this life..

Hey there you guys, it has been awhile since I have blogged. Firstly I would like to say Friday I had officially completed my online real estate course. 🙂 I am so excited about it and can’t wait to see what my future holds. At the moment I have to save up money  to apply to the commission and to pay to take the state and national exam. Then if I pass I will receive my license! 😀

I hope everyone is doing great in life.

I can honestly say I really hope I can go somewhere with this real estate career that I will hopefully get into. I am not a great college student so I really don’t think taking the college route would be a good idea for me. Besides, I have already tried and it just didn’t work out. This will be my plan B and hopefully this works because I am already 21 years old and so far have nothing to show for it.

I have so many things I want to do in life and yet it seems I cannot even do one of them. Everything I want to do requires having a lot of money.

Onto my next topic…

I am a week into my diet to lose a lot of weight. I already lost 5 pounds which I am so happy for. I know I could have lost more but it didn’t work out that way. I am super nervous about losing weight and having loose skin, that would be completely gross and no one wants to look at loose skin. I hear that if you have loose skin you can tighten it up by gaining muscle.

Frankly, I do not want to have a lot of muscle. I can only hope that it turns out good for me and I wont have too much of it. I don’t want to have to have surgery just to look decent.

Any who, that is all I have to say for now!

Much love,