Vegetarian Update 2.0

Well hello there lovely people!! 🙂

I am 19 days in to being a vegetarian and it is still feeling great. I can honestly say I think I made it past the hard parts. GUESS WHAT?! I beat my previous try at being vegetarian (only 2 weeks before I caved) I am 2 days away from my 3 week mark!

I couldn’t be happier with where it is going.


Maybe I could be happier.. although I have been vegetarian I still haven’t been eating healthy foods!! I need to start eating so much healthier so I can lose some weight and look a lot different than I am. I can say I am totally unhappy with the way I look and I will not stop until it changes. I am 21 and only getting older so it is definitely time I do something about it.

I heard that women who change their diet to Vegan/Vegetarian have had successful hormonal changes and I am really hoping I will be one of those ladies.

Thanks for reading!!




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