I Need A Break From Life

Lately everything has been crappy in my life. I feel like nothing is going right, I know some people might think I have something going on in life but nope, not a damn thing. Everything I want to do is just not possible…

For crying out loud, all I do is fail in college. As of right now I have been suspended for a year from financial aid because my grades have been that terrible. You can’t get anywhere in life without having a college degree so I am slowly just sinking money and my life away.

I work at Walmart, which is just a terrible job, the only thing good about it is the fact that it gets my bills paid. I don’t want to live to just “get by” I want more in my life. I honestly feel like a shitty person, I want to get away from Louisiana… you have to have money to go anywhere. The place of my dreams has to be New York. Hell, I would sink in that place too but it doesn’t stop me from wanting it so bad.

Here lately all I have been thinking about is moving to another state (New York) and just starting my life all over. I could never afford to get out of here on the job I have.

Sorry guys, just a little rant on how life is going for me. Thanks for listening. ❤


-Ravishing Writer


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