Vegetarian Update :)

So you guys, I have made it thus far.. 9 days in (1 week, 2 days) and I must say it isn’t as hard as it was the first time I ever tried to do it. I am thankful that I am able to do this because it makes me feel better about myself.

I must admit, I did eat shrimp on Saturday. I still feel bad about it but it was yummy! I ate a shrimp salad. I know I can’t beat myself up about it but ehh.. besides there are some vegetarians who eat seafood. (I am not one of them though.)

Anyways, other than that little mishap I have been doing pretty great. I’ve ate salads, macaroni and cheese, pancakes (so not healthy), also burgers (minus the meat), and I have eaten all kinds of vegetables. Lol. It has been something but I have enjoyed being meatless.

I know this wasn’t too much of an update but ehh… Have a wonderful day you guys!!!


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