I’ve Never Considered Myself Consistent…

Exactly what the title states, clearly you can see it too in my posts? Right?

Never, ever, since I have started my writings have I ever been consistent, honestly I think that might be my downfall. At least when it comes to things like writing stories worth publishing for millions of people to read or writing school essays that a college professor grades and gives me an F on.

I adore writing, I always have. For some unknown reason I just can’t seem to stay consistent with what I am writing on… ESPECIALLY essays. God, it is terrible… I enjoy writing for myself and fiction of course. I do not enjoy having an academic paper to write because it doesn’t interest me one bit.

Does anyone have any tips to give a girl who has consistency problems? I’d love to hear them.


My blog isn’t even consistent to any one topic for crying out loud. I do not feel like I should be limited on what I can write about when it comes to blogging. I guess if I was to choose a topic for my blog to go under I would choose “Life” since it is a broad term. I think blogs should be able to have whatever the hell you want to post that day.

This blog is merely for me to write about things I am going through, things I want to do, and just random thoughts I have throughout this thing we call life.

On that note,


Good night. ❤


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